Hone Your Idea


Send Out & Get Honest Results


Create a Succinct Survey


Make sense of the data

Types of Questions

Multiple Choice

Example: Which of these product benefits would be most useful to you?

Short Answer

Example: What would you be willing to pay for this product

 if you were to buy it?


Example: In which of the following situations would you use this product?

Yes / No

Example: Could you see yourself honestly purchasing this product?

1 - 5 Scale

Example: From most likely to least likely, how likely would you use this product daily

Optional Product Explainer Page

Optional CAD Design Visual

Example Survey Questions

View of Survey Results

Shows number of responses as well as giving you the ability to see

  • each individual response page

  • a summary of response results

  • a spreadsheet of results

Pie Charts for easy visuals of multiple choice question responses

Bar Graphs for easy visuals of short answer question responses

Downloadable spreadsheets of survey results

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